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Jim DePalma – How To Create A Media List That Gets Publicity

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Are you looking to gain more publicity for your business but don’t know where to start? A key part of any successful public relations strategy has a comprehensive media list that you can use to reach out and get the attention of important journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Creating a media list may seem like an overwhelming task at first, but with some research and effort, it’s easy to build one that will help you generate coverage for your brand. In this blog post, Jim DePalma discusses how businesses can develop a tailored, effective media list in order to get the most from their PR campaigns.

Jim DePalma On How To Create A Media List That Gets Publicity

1. Know Your Target: When it comes to creating a media list, the key, as per Jim DePalma, is to focus on identifying outlets that are tailored to your target audience. You want to go beyond traditional publications and consider influencers, bloggers, social media sites, and even podcasts that would be interested in hearing about the story you’re promoting. Think about what type of content your target market is consuming, and then create a list of relevant contacts who can help spread the word about your news.

2. Personalize Each Contact: Taking time to personalize each contact will make them more likely to respond positively – after all, nobody likes getting generic emails! Make sure to research their interests and include specific details when reaching out so they can see how their outlet could benefit from the story. Personalizing your outreach can also help you create relationships with contacts that can be beneficial in the long term.

3. Quality Over Quantity: It’s better to have a small number of high-quality contacts on your list rather than having a large list of people who might not be interested in your story. Take the time to research each contact and make sure they’re someone who would actually be interested in hearing about it before adding them to your list.

4. Keep Your List Up To Date: The media landscape is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep your list up to date with new contacts and information about existing ones. Contact details may change, outlets may merge, and new publications may arise – so it’s important to stay on top of trends in order to make sure your list is as relevant as possible.

5. Utilize Online Tools: There are a number of online tools available that can help you create and maintain an effective media list. According to Jim DePalma, these tools provide features like contact management, tracking, reporting, and analytics which can make it easier to organize your list and keep track of metrics such as response rates or coverage. Utilizing these tools can help you get the most out of your outreach efforts.

Jim DePalma’s Concluding Thoughts

These five tips by Jim DePalma for creating a media list that gets publicity should give you a better understanding of how to create an effective outreach plan. By knowing your target audience, personalizing your contacts, focusing on quality over quantity, keeping your list up-to-date, and utilizing online tools, you can ensure that your outreach efforts will be successful.