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Jim DePalma – Benefits of OTT Advertising

OTT Advertising

As technology advances, so does advertising. Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is a new form of advertising that is growing in popularity. OTT advertising allows you to target your audience in a more personalized way than traditional advertising.

Jim DePalma believes that By using OTT advertising, you can reach more customers and increase your profits. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using OTT advertising.

Top Benefits of Over the Top Advertising by Jim DePalma

Broader Reach

OTT advertising offers a more diverse and broader reach than traditional television advertising. OTT streaming services are quickly becoming the preferred choice for audiences, with 64% of households in the U.S. no longer watching cable TV.

This shift provides advertisers with the ability to reach a large number of people who are not exposed to traditional television advertising. Platforms like Hulu and YouTube offer a wide range of content that appeals to a variety of interests, making it easy to target specific audiences.

In addition, OTT platforms provide detailed data about viewers, allowing advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns for maximum impact. As the number of cord-cutters continues to rise, OTT advertising will become an increasingly important part of any marketing strategy.

Powerful Analytics

Another benefit of OTT advertising is that it offers powerful analytics that give advertisers access to data so they can measure the performance of their campaigns in real-time. OTT also provides the ability to A/B test all ads to determine OTT ad performance.

 OTT analytics you can measure impressions, views, and video completion rates. Jim DePalma believes that all these data points enable OTT advertisers to make real-time decisions that improve campaign performance and improve ROI.

Convenient User Experience 

The convenience of streaming services has made them hugely popular in recent years. People can watch videos on-demand, without the need to wait for a program to air. This allows them to watch what they want, when they want.

And it’s not just traditional television programs that are available – streaming services also offer a huge range of movies and other video content. Americans are increasingly turning to streaming services for their entertainment needs.

According to Jim DePalma, 69% of Americans are subscribed to at least one streaming service. The popularity of streaming services is having a big impact on the world of advertising. More and more companies are turning to OTT advertising, which allows them to target users with ads based on their viewing habits.

This provides a better user experience, as users are more likely to see ads for products and services that they are actually interested in. OTT advertising is becoming an essential part of the marketing mix for many companies.

Clickable CTAs

Clickable call to actions are becoming increasingly popular in OTT advertising. With this type of ad, viewers can take action directly through the ad itself, which can click through to a landing page or even make a purchase.

Jim DePalma believes that this is a huge advantage for brands, as it allows them to track the success of their ads more easily and drive conversions more effectively. In addition, clickable call to actions also make it easier for viewers to take action on an ad, which can lead to higher engagement and brand recall.

Jim DePalma’s Concluding Thoughts

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is growing in popularity as more and more businesses discover its benefits. OTT allows you to reach a large audience with your marketing message, and it’s an especially effective way to target millennials. Jim DePalma says that if you’re looking for a new way to reach your customers, you should consider using OTT advertising.